Interplas Recycling is a plastic recycling exporter based in Surrey with rich experience in the industry. With our seasoned team of professionals, we completely understand the requirement of our clients and plan the logistics accordingly. We are a growing company in plastic recycling with quality service collection, logistics and export of plastic scraps. From the collection of various plastic grades, down to logistics and export, has been fully mastered by our team of professionals. At Interplas Recycling we highly encourage innovation in plastic recycling to make a better environment for our coming generations. We consider this as a key to our success.

Serving as a one stop platform for trading of plastic scrap; we thrive to provide excellent service to our suppliers. This has been the focus of our company from the beginning as we hold all our suppliers and clients in very high regard. We are fully open to collaborations, suggestions and inventions. Our experienced team works around the clock to support our suppliers and clients to keep up with the increasingly competitive conditions of the industry.

Our valued partners in Turkey & Malaysia share the same modes of operation with us. We in particular value the feedback from our clients about quality of plastics material and the service provided. All are put into consideration and treated accordingly to enhance supplier and client experience.


We aim to source high quality material to achieve our clients demand. Our well-recognised plastic recycling suppliers have helped us achieve a great reputation in the client market. We aim to build long term relationship with our suppliers to ensure that a consistent and high-quality supply of materials is achieved.


Our strict compliance checks are in place to ensure that material we source fulfils our client’s demand. We sell various plastic recycling grades of LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PE & EPS. Our compliance practices ensure that the reprocessors recycle the plastic scrap in best environmental friendly way. We endeavour to build long-term relationship with our valuable customers.


Our experienced logistic team offers global logistics solutions. From loading, shipment and delivery all is taken care under one roof, our service is cost effective and efficient. Loading arrangements are made on High Cube containers and Curtain-side trailers which gives our suppliers flexibility to choose the best option.