Plastic has served as an indispensable material in most industrial processes and also household needs due to its accessibility. It is widely used as a packaging component in post-consumer and on industrial scale. Once plastic is produced and serves the purpose; it ends up in landfill and pollute the environment. Plastic pose a threat to the environment as it contains biodegradable substance. We make it our duty to help recycle the plastic scrap and contribute in to circular economy. This way, we get the plastic waste off from landfill and help keeping our environment clean.
Preserving the environment has been foremost in all we do. This reflects in our mode of operations while dealing with plastic scrap. Our reprocessing partners ensure to follow delicate process when recycling plastic with environmental stability being main aim. Solid relationship is established with our customers and suppliers in the market. We work closely with our stakeholders and build trust. We provide highly competitive price to our suppliers which makes it a win-win situation for all parties.


Environmental awareness is important, so we run a company committed to encouraging environmental stability through proper reprocessing of used plastics. We understand the ethics of this job well and do the most to uphold it by making customer satisfaction and environmental protection paramount.


Interplas Recycling is a plastic recycling company and has grown over time, gathering the required experience up to date. We have found our feet in the recycling industry as we are revered for quality recycled plastics. Our professionalism in this field has resulted in the proper delivery of high standard service that can compete anywhere in the world.


At Interplas Recycling, our commitment towards environmental preservation is clear. Through recycling of plastic scrap, we do not only ensure our environment is safe and clean but also, we ensure that the future generations have a cleaner environment to wake up to and live in.